Traditional School Socialization

This month on The Teacher’s Key I am talking about the strengths and weaknesses of both homeschool and traditional school. I want to help you avoid pitfalls and capitalize on the strengths of your situation. Last week I talked about socialization with homeschoolers. This week I want to focus on traditional school. Just like homeschoolers, students in traditional school can also struggle with socialization. While most students in a traditional classroom situation fit in with their peers, they struggle with accepting people of different age groups, different levels of development, and persons with disabilities, or differing personalities. They can tend to have lower self-esteem causing them to be embarrassed to be friends with someone different than the norm. Traditional classroom students should get involved with volunteer programs like nursing home ministry, special education classrooms, and other programs that offer services to people different from themselves. School pressure also has a tendency to expect everyone to act the same stifling individuality. If students are encouraged to be authentic and not ashamed of who they are, they can have a strong influence on others and become great leaders in their community. Join me next week as I talk about group learning.

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