Teaching Strategies

A strategy is having a plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal. As teachers we often become so engrossed with teaching a particular subject or the transferring of important information to students, that we forget to teach students strategies that enable them to learn. Because most students can retain only so much information, we, often cause them to learn information only to have them literally dump that information in order to learn more new information. Too often students spend years in a cycle of learning and then dumping over and over, only to reach adulthood when they must learn and make decisions on their own, to find they don’t know what steps to take. Because they have been spoon fed information all of their life, they are unable to solve problems they encounter. They lack basic cognitive functions to use strategies in their decision-making process. By cognitive functions I mean a person’s ability to process thoughts including: 

Gathering clear and complete information 

Systematically searching 

Defining the problem and understanding what is expected 

And being clear and precise in their language.

These are just a few cognitive functions we need to be actively teaching our students. Keep listening this month as we talk about developing learning strategies for our students

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