Teaching Reading

It has been said that “Reading is dreaming with open eyes.”  Many students can achieve the ability to read by using one reading program. For other students, each curriculum has one or two components that help them learn, but usually fall short when applying all modalities of learning. This month I want to help you fill gaps that are in all curriculums in order to achieve more reading success. I thank God for the experiences and challenges that I have had trying to teach my daughter. Those challenges forced me to try many different curriculums and I now pull the best information out of each one to teach my current students. I have also found that the internet is a great resource where successful teachers share what has worked for them. I believe that the Orton-Gillingham approach is the most complete program for teaching reading, but it is quite expensive. I recently found a new system that is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach using the same multi-sensory teaching methods, but it is affordably priced and offers easy access through the computer. It is called “The Barton Reading and Spelling System.” https://bartonreading.com/ If your child is a struggling reader, it is worth every dime you sacrifice to give to them the gift of dreaming with open eyes.

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