Summer Focus: Writing

1 John 1:4 says, “And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.”


Someone once said, “My words sound better coming from my hands than my mouth.”


As we settle our plans, trips and fun for the summer, we don’t want to leave out writing. Sending letters is a wonderful way to keep our students writing during the summer. In my writing center at school I kept all kinds of writing tools such as: crayons, markers, colorful pens, and fun pencils. I also had old note cards, stationary, envelopes, and stickers for stamps along with a mailbox. At any time they chose, students could write a letter to a friend in class and “mail” their letter.


Your family could choose a missionary family that your church supports and correspond with them throughout the summer or simply write to a different missionary each week. Have your children tell about themselves and ask specific questions using who, what, when, where, and why questioning. You could have each person in the family write a letter or have one letter from the entire family and have each person add a little piece of information.


I would encourage letters to be hand written as many studies show that writing is therapy for the brain, helps your mood, and increases communication skills.

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