Summer Focus: Decoding words

When looking at challenging learning opportunities it is important to remember Philippians 4:13 which says, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Abraham Lincoln said, “I walk slowly, but never backward.” Gearing up for summer is exciting as we make plans for fun, trips, and relaxation. But it is important that we also make plans for learning. Reading is a perfect focus for the summer as you improve reading skills and learn additional information. As I said before, reading for fluency and comprehension can be fun and intriguing for the summer. Though it is a little more complex, reading for decoding purposes is also important. When you are focusing on decoding, you want the students to read a book that is higher than their reading level. This can be difficult and discouraging for struggling students. I like to focus on a limited number of blends or digraphs at a time. To help make the learning process more enjoyable play games to recognize the sounds and blends. Match the blends with words containing the blends. Practice reading words, then phrases and then sentences containing those blends.  Becoming familiar with new or challenging blends before you read a book with words that are made up of those sounds, allows for ease into fluency and your students will feel successful!

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