The Teacher's Key Planner

The Teacher's Key: A 90-Day Planner for Homeschoolers and Teachers of all Kinds

This 90-day planner will to give you a daily dose of inspiration for teaching, a scripture verse, and a planning space.  Spend a few minutes each day getting fresh insight and ideas how to better your teaching!

Inspirational Posters

Cathy has combined her favorite hobby, photography, and her favorite quotes to create posters for her classroom.  If you are interested in one of these inspirational posters please contact us.  All of the proceeds go towards producing The Teacher's Key!

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The Teacher's Key Planner

About the Author

Cathy Sandiford has taught at home and in the classroom for 30 years. She taught traditional style school for nine years. She homeschooled her son Michael from K4 through 12th grade and her special needs daughter, Chelle, until she reached her junior high years. As an assistant teacher at her Christian school , she co-founded their special needs kindergarten class.

And More...

Cathy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and has received training in the Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) Basic I and II and Standard I. She has been trained in Teach program for the NILD and Lindamood-Bell Talkies and LiPS programs, as well as the Orton-Gillingham and Barton phonetic programs.

Cathy, with the technical assistance of her husband Jerry, hosts a weekly radio show called The Teacher's Key on Faith Music Radio.

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What You Can Do...

The Teacher's Key would like to expand its reach in helping those who feel they have reached an impasse when it comes to their child's ability to learn.  Would you consider helping us help others find the answers for learning by sponsoring The Teacher's Key  on Faith Music Radio?