Morning Routine

One time during the day, that is usually not in the curriculum, is the first thing in the morning as we start our day. We need our students to use this time to be prepared for the school day. Morning routines can set you up for a great day or to struggle throughout the day.

Time should be given for explicit training in what is expected of your students. They should never have to guess what they need to do or have the excuse, “I forgot.”

I like to have the morning routine in a written or picture form in clear view, at least at the beginning of the year and again if the routine changes.

Morning routine should encourage:

  • independence for each student
  • organizational strategies
  • preparation for the upcoming day
  • work that encourages creative learning

Whether you homeschool or teach in a traditional school or even Sunday school, a morning routine should be purposeful with intentional results for your students and their day. I want every minute with my students to count, but I can’t necessarily be focused every minute of the day. So, I can set up routines throughout the day that can help everyone stay focused. –

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