Morning Routine – Teach Organization

Psalm 143:8 “Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning;”

Just as we want to hear God’s lovingkindness in the morning, our students want to hear our lovingkindness in the morning. If our classrooms are chaotic when students come in first thing, everyone gets flustered and often frustration can lead to frustrated answers.

When we organize our morning, we implicitly teach our students to be organized.

Students need to know where to place their homework, notes from parents, signed tests, and anything unusual they bring in from home. Homeschoolers, too, will benefit from knowing what to do with their papers or books without just handing everything to Mom. Everything should have a place.

Teach them what to do next. Do they go to the restroom, sharpen their pencils, greet other students, etc.? Teach them when, where, and how you want this accomplished first thing in the morning so they don’t have to ask. Many classrooms have morning work ready for students to begin while they wait on the bell or for the teacher to start class. The order could be posted daily for them to follow. Even when I taught preschool, I had a picture schedule to allow for an independent, organized routine.

If you homeschool, have your student know to have what they need ready. Expect them to participate in gathering materials.

Let’s make organization a priority for our morning routine. f

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