Morning Routine – Preparation

In John 14:2 Jesus says, “I go to prepare a place for you.” If our perfect, all-powerful God prepares for us, I can’t help but think we should follow His example and be prepared and teach our students how to be prepared for the day.

Our morning routine goals should include getting prepared for the day.

Sharpening our pencils and organizing our books are a given. But what about our mind? What kind of task should students have that will prepare them for the day? I like this time to be relaxed so students don’t begin their day stressed, worried, or in failure mode. Since some students arrive early and others later, you may need to provide enough time for everyone to complete the work or decide what expectations you have on students.

I like the work to be something that gets their minds thinking but is independent of the teacher. Having a number, Bible verse, letter, word, or word puzzle of the day that encourages extra thought can get them thinking. Older students could have peer time to review homework that encourages teamwork and cooperation. This would take some pre-organization to pair students together.

 For younger students, I like to work their fine motor skills with things like stringing beads, working puzzles, or lacing cards. Having matching activities is also good for our young students.

For all students, I like to wake up their brains by doing a little crossing of the midline as we start our day.

How do you prepare your students for the day?

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