Lesson Resources


Have you ever had a great teaching idea but just couldn’t pull it together to complete all of your goals? Maybe your students just aren’t grasping a concept and you need a kinesthetic or new visual approach. Often, we need just a little more information or help. With such easy access to the internet, we have a wealth of information at our finger tips. Searching on Pinterest for an idea is a great starting point. The Pinterest website not only provides great resources, it has led me to many other sites with a wealth of information.
Teachers Pay Teachers is a website with more that 2 million original teacher-created resources. To sell on the site, you must provide a certain number of free items so there are many free resources available in all teaching categories. Also, many sellers have a link to their own site with even more resources.
Edhelper.com is another great site that has educational worksheets for all subjects. This site has a yearly subscription fee, but does offer a few free pages each month.
I have used all of these sites to help me find ideas, complete a project, or search for a different approach to help my students grasp a concept. A teacher who uses resources is usually a teacher who keeps her teaching fresh and interesting, so I encourage you to use all the resources available.

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