This week as I am talking about reading, I want to share some ideas I am currently using in my reading curriculum. I divided my students into 3 groups. All of the students use Orton-Gillingham for Phonics, Spelling and Reading. Our school uses Bob Jones for our reading curriculum, so it is my goal to have as many students read those books as possible. I currently have 2 students reading at that level so they are my first group. For my 2nd group I am using Abeka readers and supplementing with word families readers from The Measured Mom website. Sometimes we use the I See Sam worksheets to reinforce sentence structure. In addition to the Orton-Gillingham readers used by all the groups, the 3rd group uses word family books from The Measured Mom website, I See Sam books, and Headsprout. Although Headsprout is not a free resource, it is an interactive website with printable books, which are fun little books about aliens. Headsprout uses a mix between sight word and word families. Right now my 3rd group needs all of these approaches to attain success. Using just one of any of the methods is not enough. It has been my experience that no one curriculum offers enough reading material for a struggling reader. I mix and blend all of my resources to achieve success. I pray that this month has helped you find what you need to help your students become avid, successful readers.

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