This month we’ve been comparing traditional school with homeschool. Both educational paths have strengths and weaknesses. Some people’s choices are clear in light of what God wants them to do. For others life complicates their choices. When dealing with special needs, public school systems, single parenting, church schools, and sickness, choices are not always clear cut. Some parents choose traditional school because their school system does an excellent job educating special needs students. Others choose homeschool because their school system does not meet the needs of their child. The pros and cons vary according to where you live, who you are, and the needs of your children. God’s Word “…is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.” He is faithful to light the way for us. Whatever educational path you choose, with God’s help learn about and have open conversations with your children about the pitfalls of your choice, and then take steps to avoid the pitfalls. Also, capitalize on the strengths and use them to your advantage to attain academic goals faster with optimum learning. I’m thankful we live in America where we can choose the educational path that is best for our families.

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