Classroom Order

Matthew 11:30 “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

As we begin our school year, I know teachers are thinking about the organization of their classrooms, and how to keep their students in order.

All classrooms have rules to keep order and control. I want to give you a few thoughts to consider when creating your rules.

First, if at all possible, guide your students in establishing classroom rules. If they feel part of establishing the rules, they will feel more obligated to keep the rules. I like to think of my classroom as a small community working together to achieve the same goals. This could make a great social studies lesson for your class.

Next, classroom rules should be more general than specific.  I don’t like to have a rule that says “raise your hand to speak” because when I call on someone, I don’t want them to raise their hand first. I also like to encourage and teach students how to talk in a group setting while respecting others by not talking over them. Raising hands and waiting to be called on doesn’t teach them how to respectfully enter a conversation among peers.  I like to say something like “Listen while your teacher is talking.” “Respect others” and “Make good choices” also encompasses respectful behavior in a classroom. Four or five general classroom rules are better than a lot of specific rules that don’t cover everything for which you need a rule.

Let’s lighten our students’ burdens and teach respect for others. fffffffffffffff

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