Check out our inspirational posters on the products page!
Check out our inspirational posters on the products page!

The Teacher's Key

The Teacher's Key is a weekly radio program designed to encourage and empower Christian homeschoolers and educators. It airs each Tuesdays at 12:30 pm CST on Faith Music Radio during the eleven2one with Janice. The Teacher's Key is a production of Causeway Media Group.


On Faith Music Radio, eleven2one  is what they like to call programming designed with ladies in mind.  Hosted by Janice Wolfe, eleven2one  has a mix of music and insights that will encourage you as you seek to let your light shine for the Lord Jesus Christ. Don't let anyone dull your sparkle, for you were designed to shine!!

Causeway Media Group

Causeway Media Group has been responsible for kick starting many of the programs you hear on Faith Music Radio.  Whatever your media needs may be, Dan Wolfe will  be happy to consult with you.  Causeway specializes in audio, video, public relations and church sound systems.

Meet the Team


Cathy Sandiford

The Teacher's Key

Hi, I am Cathy! I stepped foot in my first classroom in January 1985. It was a class of 18 three-year olds.  I went on to teach 1st and 2nd grade before my husband and I had children of our own.

We began our family and decided I would stay home with our children at least while they were young. As they grew, we jumped right into homeschooling and loved it! But nothing on my journey prepared me for recognizing and/or teaching a child with disabilities.

Over the course of the last 22 years we have tried and failed again and again to perform the simple task of learning. It was through trying and failing and trying and failing again that finally led us to the educational therapies and training needed to put us on the path of successful learning. Though we are still on our journey, it is my desire to share with you what we have learned. I hope to encourage you as you find your answers for learning!

Janice (2)

Janice Wolfe

Hi I am Janice! I experienced the  greatest day of my life when I was just 16 years old.  On October 5, 1981, I trusted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I committed my life to serving my Savior the very next summer. Right after graduating from high school I enrolled in Bible College to study elementary education.

At college during dormitory devotions one night, I heard this quote, "Whatever you go through to get where God wants you is worth it."  I have never forgotten that quote and you might say that it has defined my life.

I never had any aspirations or ambitions to be involved in Christian Radio and yet each day I have the awesome opportunity to proclaim the name of Christ via the airwaves of Faith Music Radio. It is my desire that the love of Christ will shine in my life. I encourage you to let your light shine for Jesus Christ and to let it shine bright!

Dan 2

Dan Wolfe

Causeway Media Group

Okay, since I'm writing my own bio, I could list accomplishments and accolades and you would be wowed and amazed by the life of this man. But since I have revealed that I am writing, it is blown. So. . . Simply put I love creativity and producing quality products. Whether it be a stage production, a radio show, a book or whatever. I like to help others enjoy life. I like to serve ministries that are serious about doing first class work.

I started in media in my dad's basement recording studio and I've been producing ever since.

Vocationally, I'm not only the head of the Causeway Media Group, but I get to run Faith Music Radio. I'm the lucky husband of this gal to my left and we have one developmentally disabled daughter still at home.

Still reading? Cool. Psst. If you want to know me better you can tune in to my daily radio show, Riverside DRIVE. Always remember, God loves you whether you like it or not.

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