A Homeschool-Traditional Classroom Comparison

Should we choose a traditional school setting for our children or homeschool? For some people this is an easy choice becausethey know what they want AND what they want is available to them. For others this choice isn’t so simple. What they want may not be available for their family or they may not know which choice is best for their situation. There came a time for our family when it was clear that one of our children should be homeschooled while the other attended school. That was a tricky situation but God allowed everything to fall into place for ithappen. This month I want to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of both homeschooling and attending a traditional school. My reason for addressing this issue is not to prove that one way is better than the other. Rather, I want you to avoid pitfalls and capitalize on the strengths of your situation. I believe that we all learn differently so there is not just one way to educate children. Both paths of education have weaknesses; those weaknesses can be avoided and turned into strengths that you can build on to make learning easier for your children and help you reach your goals faster. There is more than one way to educate our students. Join me next week as I talk about socialization in the educational world.

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