This month we are discussing the strengths and weaknesses of a traditional classroom versus homeschooling. One of the strengths of traditional classroom education is that students learn how to listen while in a group. They must take turns and stay in tune with all that is going on around them. Learning to be part of a group and working together as a team is invaluable. Realizing that there is more to learning than attaining academic goals, homeschoolers can avoid pitfalls by working on projects as a team, waiting their turn, holding questions in their mind while continuing to work, and taking breaks on schedule instead of convenience. No one can deny the fact that one-on-one instruction has advantages for speed and detail in education. Students in Florida can begin dual enrollment for college at age 15 and classes are free. If students capitalize on working quickly through high school credits, they can have their associate degree by the time they graduate from high school at age 18. That is two years of college free! Although traditional schooling and homeschooling both have great strengths and some pitfalls, we can capitalize on the strengths and improve on the pitfalls for a great education.

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