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The Teacher's Key: A 90-Day Planner for Homeshoolers and Teachers of all Kinds

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Need a daily dose of inspiration before you begin a day of teaching?  You will be inspired and encouraged by this 90-day planner by Cathy Sandiford.  Cathy has a passion for helping homeschoolers and teachers of all kinds find the answers for learning.  When we unlock the door of learning for children, we open doors to endless opportunities!

"The best part of teaching is that it matters. The hardest part of teaching is that every moment matters, everyday." Todd Whitaker

Happy teaching!!


Faith Music Radio

Faith Music Radio is a conservative Christian radio station that provides Christ-honoring music and programming. Our local listeners in the Evansville, IN area can tune in to 93.1 FM or 1180 AM.  From any where else in the world you can listen online or through the Faith Music Radio phone app for your iPhone or android.

Tune in to Cathy Sandiford on The Teacher's Key  each Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. CST on Faith Music Radio. Join her for tips, resources, and encouragement for teachers of all kinds. The Teacher's Key airs during eleven2one with Janice.  eleven2one is a radio ministry with programming designed with ladies in mind.

Faith Music Radio is a listener supported station.

Faith Music Missions

Faith Music Missions is a great resource for uplifting music. This ministry has been recording Christ-honoring music for over 30 years.  Music matters in the life of the Christian.  A typical gospel song is a 3-minute message that helps us to meditate on the principles of the word of God and builds our faith.

Faith Music Missions provides a wide variety of Christian music from beautiful instrumentals to fabulous quartet music.  Faith Music Missions is dedicated to providing high quality Christian music that encourages the child of God.

The Teacher's Key  is honored to partner with Faith Music Missions.

Causeway Media Group

Causeway Media Group specializes in media and marketing consultation. Dan Wolfe leads a team of experts that can help with advertising, audio and video production, public relations, as well as, church sound system consultation and installation.

Causeway has produced a number of radio broadcasts and has been the propelling force behind the production of The Teacher's Key  radio program. This includes all of the media that goes along with it.  Most recently they have been responsible for publishing The Teacher's Key: A 90 Day Planner for Teacher's of All Kinds. Causeway has turned our cause into action.

The Teacher's Key  is a production of Causeway Media Group. Contact Dan if Causeway Media Group can be a help to you!